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Company Overview

The days of the Exchange City and EarthWorks field trips are two of the most memorable days in a Kansas City student’s life. For over 30 years, these two programs now led by not-for-profit group Teach and Learn Experientially (TLE) have excited students and fostered an eagerness to learn in a fun, hands-on environment. These two innovative programs include state-approved curriculum that prepare students in the classroom for an exciting, innovative, hands-on experiential learning experience. Both Exchange City and EarthWorks offer personal and interactive activities that involve roleplaying critical thinking, strategic planning and … fun!

Each academic school year nearly 12,000 students, 300 teachers, and 2,000 parent volunteers from almost 300 schools participate in our school-based programs in Kansas City. Each summer, many students come to Curiosity Camps for a week-long summer camp experience.

Teach and Learn Experientially (TLE)

TLE is proud to offer our flagship educational programs to the Kansas City community. It’s through the support of local businesses, community members and the educational community that we can continue to offer innovative educational opportunities to Kansas City students.

Our innovative programs include curriculums that prepare students in the classroom for an incredible on-site experience at one of our state-of-the-art venues. Our programs are unique because they provide classroom curricula as well as a capstone experience where students can put their learning into action for a deeper level of engagement and learning. From their conception, Exchange City and EarthWorks have impacted, inspired and touched the lives of students on a daily basis. TLE is dedicated to the continued success of these two important programs.

Exchange City of Kansas City

Imagine how the world would run if a 5th grader were mayor or if an 11-year-old owned the bank. That’s exactly how Exchange City works and educators, parents and students all LOVE it. Exchange City began in 1980 as a way to teach Kansas City children important skills in economics, math and communication. The program involves a city of 14-business or organizations that students are tasked with managing. Entrepreneurial skills flourish as each student is assigned a job prior to arrival. They must use their skills from classroom lessons taught for several weeks prior to their field trip to Exchange City.

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EarthWorks of Kansas City

EarthWorks is a budding scientist’s dream. Our 5-habitat laboratory features real-life animals native to the Midwest area. For one day, students come in to investigate habitats and determine if the animals in each habitat can survive. Natural disasters throw curve balls in each habitat and students must work together through their unique science-related jobs to determine the sustainability of life.

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Curiosity Camps | Kansas City Summer Camps

Looking for a summer camp around Kansas City that both you and your child will LOVE? Consider a Curiosity Camp at Exchange City or EarthWorks. Students who love our program’s one-day field trip experiences often want to come back for more! Our camps consist of a one, two, three or four-day programs where experiences at Exchange City or EarthWorks are amplified into a one-of-a-kind event. Students enjoy being creative, role-playing and participating in hands-on learning. Parents love that their children are engaging in learning experiences and education, even on summer break.

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Inclement Weather Policy

TLE-Exchange City & EarthWorks will be closed if the North Kansas City School District cancels classes due to severe weather.  In addition, prior to 7:00am, a TLE staff member will call or email the contact person of each school scheduled to attend one of our programs that day.  We will do our best to reschedule schools ASAP.