Exchange City and EarthWorks are both run by the nonprofit organization, Teach & Learn Experientially (TLE). TLE was organized in July 2011 to oversee the development and continuation of both programs that provide innovative experiential learning models. With a long-standing history in the community, TLE ensures Exchange City and EarthWorks offer memorable, personal experiences for children, teachers and families in Kansas City.

Education for everyoneSince 1980, Exchange City has developed unique learning experiences through roleplaying in a “city” where economics and commerce play out. Earthworks began in 1996 to give students hands-on learning experiences with environmental science and learn about different animals and habitats native to the Midwest. For over 30 years, students have loved coming to TLE’s programs to learn, have fun and experience a new form of instruction. Students aren’t the only ones who’ve enjoyed fun days at Exchange City or EarthWorks. Parents, teachers and family members all enjoy our experiential learning centers. We offer day trips for classroom students, as well as summer camps when school is not in session.

The power of roleplaying in education

Roleplaying at Exchange City and Earthworks is one of our most distinctive features. Students who visited our programs 30 years ago still remember the day their classroom visited Exchange City and EarthWorks. They can tell you what they learned, where they worked, what animals they discovered and what they felt about the day.

Experiential learning

In our long-standing history, we’ve seen how exciting and engaging experiences unfold overtime and allow students to make connections in prior and future learning. Through experiential learning, students learn natural consequences and real outcomes in a safe, controlled environment. The lessons they learn throughout their time at Exchange City and Earthworks play out for years to come. We design our programs to be highly personal, interactive – which causes them to be memorable.

TLE Values

Exchange City & EarthWorks…Experiences that Last a Lifetime.

Brand Identity
Empowering Learners, One Experience at a Time!

Core Values
Investigative, Experiential, Curiosity, Discovery, Learner-Centered, Inquiry-based, Open-ended

Core Purpose
To stimulate a passion for learning through creating authentic, relevant, engaging and memorable experiences.

Guiding Philosophy
Individuals learn best from personal experience…Hands-on, minds-on.

Key Components:
Personal and Individualized
Unfolds Over Time
Makes Connections
Natural Consequences