When Should Baby Sleep in Crib?

When Should Baby Sleep in Crib?

A few months old should the baby lie crib? Are babies cradled in a bamboo crib good? Is an electric crib baby good? Many parents are concerned about this issue because they want the baby to have the best sleep. Join us to find answers to this article!

A few months old should the baby lie crib?

According to the opinion of experts, doctors, babies can lie in a cot at 3-6 months old. However, the mother should not let the baby lie in the cot shook too hard. Because it will adversely affect the child’s nerves.

By the time children know how to be able to crawl and crawl, their mothers can adjust the regime of cribs to increase slightly, but still, need to ensure the safety of babies.

When the baby is less than 1 year old, the automatic cot will help. Especially when the baby is sick or harassed, the electric cot will be an ideal solution to coax good sleep. In particular, some electric cot products also have the function of converting into a hammock frame, your baby will be able to use them to grow up so it is very economical.

The matter is months old, the baby should lie in a cot, the parents already know, so what about the appropriate time for the baby lying cot? According to experts, when seeing baby signs of sleepiness such as lim eyes, blinking continuously, pulling ears, yawning … then parents should coax the baby to sleep.

At night, keep quiet and whisper when your mother feeds her night. If your baby lies in an electric cot, you should choose a cot put gently, without causing noise, and pay attention to always keep the room dark (can turn on the night light dim), quiet.

What are the benefits of a crib?

Forging for children with early independence

Babies who are placed in a crib will be less dependent on adults. As well as avoiding some bad habits: constantly demanding to carry, hold on to the mother excessively, or suck at odd jobs.

Good for the health of children

Many parents have a habit of letting their children sleep in the same bed, even lying between parents. This can cause a child to suffocate because the parents lie too close to the child or accidentally press on them. In particular, if parents smoke or use drugs, children are more vulnerable.

Much better than lying in a hammock

Many parents wonder if they should buy a crib for a baby because they are afraid that lying on a cradle will affect their spine. But in fact, the crib will be much better than a hammock.

Note when using a baby crib

What kind of crib should buy?

Should buy any kind of crib for babies is also a problem many parents are concerned about. Compared to a regular crib, an electric baby cot is more convenient in that it only requires a few simple set-ups, and it can automatically shake for a while without a parent pushing a hand. As a result, parents have more free time to rest or do other things while the baby is sleeping.

Do not let your baby lie in the cradle for too long

Babies sleep in their cribs better, are not startled, and are very likely to fall back to sleep when startled. However, babies who lie in the cradle for too long will not be good. The rocking cradle makes it easy for children to sleep. But in fact, it is just losing the mental balance, to cheat the child’s feelings.

If you put your baby on a regular cradle, they will “get used to it”. Later, babies cannot sleep without being shaken like that. Therefore, many experts advise against rocking. If using an electric cradle for infants, do not use more than 3 hours. Parents see the baby then sleep cradle off, should not rocking continuously.

Soft pads should be used when the baby is in a crib

When children are young, most of the day they will sleep. If every time the child is sleepy, the mother puts the child in the cradle, the risk when the child grows up to be bent, scoliosis is quite high. Because of the skeletal system, the spine part of the child is still weak. If the mother does not leave a soft pad, it will affect the baby’s back area in the long run.

At the same time if the baby is underweight, placing the baby in the cradle will make the cradle difference. I noticed that it also affected me badly. Therefore, parents should find a heavy object to put in the cradle. Mom can put a stuffed animal, which will balance the cradle.

Hopefully, the above information will be useful for parents who are wondering how many months old they are in a cradle. Along with some notes when using the crib, to have a good sleep and develop best!

Why Do You Need a Nursing Chair

Why Do You Need a Nursing Chair

If you or your loved ones are planning for a baby soon, then you may need to consider buying breastfeeding chair for the arriving child’s nursery. Not only are breastfeeding chairs a wonderful addition to any home, but they likewise have particular advantages for mothers and babies that make them a perfect gift first time parents.

Shopping for toddler furniture is amazing experience for first-time parents. Choosing on what theme or color should go with the nursery room, set of cribs and other fittings to get, how many toys or clothes you should purchase, these are often the concerns of awaiting parents to be. But, you should forever take into account when buying furniture or a thing is that it should be convenient for your baby and comfortable for you. The best breastfeeding chair is one item that you should think of having.

Nursing chairs – helping fresh parents to feed the child

Breastfeeding chairs are usually known as nursing chairs. A nursing chair is a very convenient location for feeding your child. Of course, these are specially designed for the well-being of both the mother and baby. These are typically a bit flat than any other normal chairs you normally see and are at least somewhat upholstered.

For breastfeeding moms, a nursing chair can likewise be a pleasing place to rest while breastfeeding. Staying relaxed while breastfeeding is very essential for the easy transfer of breast milk, and the rocking motion can further help relax the baby as well and support a smoother feeding action. You should, still, be sure that the breastfeeding chair you buy is large enough to conveniently fit both the mom and the child.

Apart from having a large size, it also allows you to easily rock your child while the two of you are relaxing there. This is a unique moment of feeding and allowing your baby to fall asleep into your arms. Due to its high level of convenience that it will provide to you, you might also find yourself fall sleeping too.

Some of the advantages of using the best breastfeeding chair

The most important point considered in creating nursing chairs is the moms. Of course, mothers are the individuals that can breastfeed. Being a mom is not simple, and oftentimes you can experience your back, arms and shoulders in pain which can be arrested and relieved while utilising a nursing chair. There are various kinds of nursing chairs that can provide you with different levels of comfort and convenience.

Some chairs are made with an extra comfy cushion that allows you to be relaxed at the time of feeding sessions. Some seats can be detached and can be relocated on both of its sides. Along with the classifications, the breastfeeding chair is the most advanced count of nursing chairs. In those types of chair, it allows you to quickly reach out for the items you need and let you revolve to the sides.

If you are looking to get one, go for cushioning that is smooth and easy to clean, carry slipcovers, and the one in which its height and depth will change for you. Besides, you can pick a chair that is large adequate for you, its arms-length must serve with you, and the one that gives you total back support and soft rocking movements. If you require, you can go for a nursing chair that meets the theme and design style of your nursery room.

Another important thing you need to consider when you search for the best breastfeeding chair is that it must be designed and well-built utilising the best and high-quality timbers. The most trending at this occasion is the Maple shine nursing chairs.

Why Do You Need a Nursing Chair

Nursing chairs – matches with all your households

One more stylish nursing chair nowadays is manufactured of rubber-wood, which not only have durability but as great as environmentally friendly. Normally, a white finishing will undoubtedly add a clean and advanced look for your nursery room.

The breastfeeding nursing chairs are multi-functional. You can place several nursing chairs for rocking or gliding, or if you wish, you can simply lock them into a constant position. A lot of mothers out there that are however using the chairs still after their breastfeeding period are completed because of their comfort. Some of them are also turned into living room fittings when mothers have leaned breastfeeding.

In reality, the breastfeeding chairs wouldn’t take up a large amount of space in your nursery room when compared with a regular chair. However, you cannot lose comfort with the less amount of place occupied by the chair. A breastfeeding pad could likewise be added to support the chair to be more suitable for your baby. Some types have a V-shape or a curve that aids the baby to turn towards their mother.

The breastfeeding chair comes out with the contrasting finishes of plastic laminates, wood or chrome, to match any style where you place them. They are not as costly as correlated to your money expectation. Moreover, you can pick from a wide variety of nursery chairs with the varying design, color, and style.

The best thing available in the best price

The presence of a wide variety in choosing for nursing chairs involves that you can see and buy them in all price range, or from very costly to less costly. More often, they are given from a mother to a daughter and grow valuable. If you are longing for the most prominent convenient nursing chair, you will unquestionably spend more cash to buy for it. Another thing to be considered is that afore you finally purchase the best breastfeeding chair, you should go and check for yourself. This will assist you to become knowledgeable.

Being a first time parents is not easy while choosing and buying furniture for your newborn, pick the ones that are safe and satisfactory to use.

Before birth, moms will likewise find a nursing chair a great place to be as well. Rocking during gestation can help enhance blood flow to the legs, and may even reduce the possibility of growing varicose follicles during pregnancy. The breastfeeding chair is also helpful during the initial stages of labor, which is why they are frequently seen in birthing suites.

What to Put on Baby Cut Finger


Parents do their best to look after their baby and to secure him from any conditions or injuries. It is really typical for any baby to fall sick or get harmed. If your baby falls sick, do you worry? Do you take him to the doctor right away for any small injury? If the issue is not extreme and can be quickly taken on in your home, then you need to be gotten ready for it. A first help package comes helpful if your baby falls or has some other issue. What should a first help package for infants consist of? Find out!

Why You Required Emergency Treatment Package for Babies

As parents, you will be extra careful simply to ensure that your baby is fine, however conditions and injuries are inevitable when your kid begins crawling and strolling. You ought to keep a first help package useful at home to deal with such unpredicted medical scenarios. Small infants are vulnerable to small injuries or medical conditions such as influenza, cold, stomach bug and so on. Keeping an emergency treatment package in your home may assist you take timely healthcare of your baby.

Many times the injuries or diseases can quickly be managed at home without any intervention from your doctor. In some cases it may simply be your love, care and emergency treatment help that your baby may need to feel much better. You need to understand the distinction in between small medical concerns and problems that may require instant medical support. This is because serious medical concerns cannot be managed in the house and may need timely medical intervention. Thus choose best baby first aid kit.

Baby First Aid Kit

New and seasoned parents alike – along with child caretakers

When it pertains to infants, absolutely nothing can be scarier than dealing with an emergency circumstance or injury. New and seasoned parents alike – along with child caretakers – will vouch for the fact that absolutely nothing keeps them up in the evening more than picturing themselves in a circumstance where they are not able to assist their injured child. Getting control of this worry can merely indicate the assembly of an extensive first help package for infants. Knowing that you have the tools required to react to most scenarios can minimize a huge quantity of tension.

Basic emergency treatment set

Just like the basic emergency treatment set that many people keep in their houses, cars, and offices, an emergency treatment set for infants includes a number of typically important products. Contributed to this are specific products that specify to the care of infants. Many shops – as part of their product packaging and marketing to parents – put together and sell an emergency treatment set for infants. While these can consist of a number of significant products, it is typically best to create your own package that you know consists of the products with which you feel comfy.

Consisted of in an emergency treatment set for children need to be contact number for your pediatrician, toxin control, your drug store, and your medical insurance carrier – in addition to all essential medical insurance details.

Furthermore, any emergency treatment set for infants must have a rectal and oral thermometer consisted of in it. The rectal thermometer provides the most precise temperature reading however an oral thermometer can be used with older kids. Consist of kids’s discomfort reducer and fever reducer, small plasters, alcohol or other antibacterial for cleaning injuries, anti-bacterial wipes and cream, Syrup of Ipecac, an extra supply of any medications your child takes on a regular basis, and sunscreen.

Obviously this is just a general list; the benefit to assembling your own emergency treatment set for children is that you can consist of those things that specify to your child which you find to be the most essential.

Should You Put together or Buy a New Emergency Treatment Set for Your Newborn?

Parents frequently question if they must buy a ready-made first help package or assemble it by themselves. Well, it is advised that you choose the one that is available in the market and include extra items that you may require for your baby. This is because; the readymade ones featured the standard medical materials and may not include all the emergency provides that you may be trying to find. It will be a great concept to acquire the package from the market and keep including on products as per your requirements.


An emergency treatment package for children need to be kept at home, in a diaper bag that takes a trip with you, and in all your vehicles. This may look like over-preparedness however it is definitely important to knowing you have what you require when you require it.

Homeschool Days Scheduled at Exchange City and EarthWorks


Teach and Learn Experientially accommodates all types of groups including homeschooled students.  This is a great way to meet other groups around the Kansas City area and learn from each other! Exchange City will have a homeschool day Friday, March 15, and EarthWorks will be welcoming homeschool students Friday, May 10th.  This is an exciting opportunity for your kids to experience hands on learning in a fun new environment.

Once enrolled, you will receive our six-week curriculum to help you get ready for your day here.  Our programs run from 9:30-2:30 and with a 30-minute break for lunch.  We encourage educators and parents to come and enjoy the day with us; we cannot run without the help of our volunteers!

A day at EarthWorks is very exciting! We start off with a morning welcome chat and discuss everything we have done to prepare for EarthWorks.  Then we go and explore our home habitats with our habitat managers. Next, it is time for experiments related to our scientific jobs.  During our scientists’ meetings we discuss what we have found with the rest of the scientists.  After lunch we have an expedition where we go and learn about all of the other habitats.  We also learn about our animals’ food chain and the effects of natural disasters and discuss it at our final scientists’ meeting.

Exchange City offers a very busy day as we learn everything it takes to start and keep a business running.  At the beginning of the day we have to get our loans approved by Arvest Bank and then go to Public Works to get a business license.  We must get ready for the city to open with a speech from our Mayor and Judge.  After the ribbon cutting, the city is open for business! Student citizens must learn what they need to do to get more business, sometimes it means making more products and sometimes it is learning the best way to advertise. By the end of the day we learn why our parents are so tired after work!

Exchange City and EarthWorks are fun and exciting for any group! For more information or to enroll visit the educators section of our website or email Kelly Theunissen at [email protected]! The homeschool date for EarthWorks is May 10th and Exchange City is March 15th.

Summer CuriosityCamps Scheduled at EarthWorks and Exchange City

Summer is a great time for your kids to have fun and relax, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be learning! TLE offers week-long camps for all students to come and experience EarthWorks and Exchange City in a new way! The students get to dig deeper into the activities, and they can learn from each other to create new life-long memories.

During their time at EarthWorks Curiosity Camp, students become wildlife biologists and learn extensively about each of our five habitats; Soil, Pond, Forest, Cave and Prairie.  Over the course of the week the children will choose an animal and research while applying their knowledge of the animal to do a presentation for the rest of the scientists at camp.

Exchange City camp is an exciting opportunity for the students to really make the city theirs! They spend 4 days in the city making all of the decisions of what they want their experience to be like.  They will learn all about what makes a city, the importance of entrepreneurship and natural consequences to the decisions they make.  At the end of the week they will look back and reflect on how well the city ran.  The hope is to have each business pay off their business loan to have a successful city.  It is always an exciting time to see the citizens succeed.

Curiosity Camps 2013


  • June 10th-13th 
  • June 17th-20th
  • June 24th-27th

Exchange City

  • July 8th-11th

Daytrips for Special Groups

  • July 15th– August 9th

Each camp is $175 for the week but there is financial assistance for those who qualify.  For more information check out the CuriosityCamp tab on our website.

Indoor Activities to Kick the Wintertime Blues

Considering it is late November the weather has been pretty nice in the Kansas City area, and we have still been able to enjoy our outdoor activities.  With December coming the temperature is beginning to drop, and we will have to start spending our time inside. Let your imagination run, and don’t spend all winter watching TV and playing video games!

Reading books are always a fun way to learn and dream, but there is also so much more you can do with a book! Encourage your children to act out a book with some of their friends by making theirr own puppets and putting on a puppet show! Also, let your kids make up a new ending to the book or change parts of it to make it their own! When children create their own things they take pride in their work and are proud of it!

You can also make your own movie! Let your kids make up a screenplay and tape it for them! They are now the writers and the actors!  Let them make props out of recyclable goods and teach them a lesson on the importance of reduce, reuse, recycle!  You now also have a memory recorded, and you can show it to them when they are older!

If you want help around the house but are having a hard time getting your kids to help, make a game out of the chores!  Also, give them incentives!  For example, when picking up things in the living room or play room reward the child with the least amount of items in that room.  Prizes can include a piece of candy or a sticker on their chore chart.  Also, when it’s time to make meals have the kids help in the kitchen! Kids love to cook but make sure you make them clean up their own mess; this is teaching them good habits for the future!

Something else that can be fun and inexpensive is crafting! First you need to make the initial investment by purchasing a few crafting necessities such as crayons, markers, and glue.  Everything after that can be free! Use things around your house to make the Christmas tree ornaments or Christmas cards to send to Grandma and Grandpa! Make sure you keep a clean and organized art cabinet or bucket though. This will save you some stress when your kids go to craft.

Last, let your kids know how lucky they are for being able to play! Many people don’t have the privileges they might have.  Have your kid write a letter to a soldier or a sick child.  Have them write what they feel and what they are thankful for in their life.  This is a trait that will help your child have compassion and a giving heart! There are many organizations you can go through to get more information about pen pals and writing letters!

Now start doing some activities that will be fun and exciting to chase those wintertime blues away! Also, always remember to let your kids think of new things to do, too! They have amazing imaginations and will think of fun hands-on activities!

The New Wave of Learning

Learning is something that some children have a very hard time doing.  Sitting in a class room all day may not be the most stimulating setting for a child.  Children love to see how things work; they want to know every last detail.  Ever wonder why they ask so many questions?

What is the best way to teach then? Something we at TLE like to call experiential learning.  It is our guiding educational philosophy in EarthWorks and Exchange City.  We believe that students learn best from experiences though immersion and role-playing.  Every student that comes through our doors adopts a new ‘job’ for the day, either being a citizen in Exchange City or a scientist in EarthWorks.

They learn by working together on figuring out problems that they come across during their time here, just like in real life.  They have to make their own decisions based off what they have learned and the outcomes are real.  Experiential learning has natural consequences and provides outcomes that are real and purposeful.

Not only is this a great way for children to learn but it also ensures that they make memories here.  We want them to always remember what their job was in Exchange City or what habitat they were in at EarthWorks.  These engaging and exciting experiences unfold over time and make connections with prior and future learning.

The last thing we want is for kids to walk out and feel like they haven’t learned anything or that they didn’t have fun.  Their time here is nothing like the average day at school, it’s exciting and new!