Curiosity Camps are some of the best summer camps in Kansas City! During summer while school is out of session, we open the doors to Exchange City and EarthWorks for an exciting week-long camp full of education and fun! Parents love our summer camps because their children get to broaden their skills through an educational setting. Students love our camps because they get even more hands-on learning experiences and have a blast through Exchange City and EarthWorks programs.

Summer Camp Curriculum

Our summer camps are fun and engaging. Children broaden their knowledge, strengthen problem-solving skills and engage in critical thinking. They learn how to explore, investigate and strategize in either a real-life city or natural habitats. Students come fully engaged and excited to learn and get hands-on with our activities.

Our programs focus on enhancing math, engineering, technology and science exploration. Students put their skills to the test as the engage in our programs. Curiosity Camps take the one-day experience of Exchange City or EarthWorks and spread it across an entire week. Students make life-long connections while engaging in experiential learning opportunities.

Curiosity Camp Feedback

We continually receive great feedback about our Curiosity Camps. Parents and kids looking for a fun summer camp around Kansas City are encouraged to check out our programs!

Content was a tremendous factor in deciding to send my daughter, she enjoyed her experience immensely.” – CuriosityCamp Parent

“Learning to take care of the earth is important.”
– CuriosityCamp Student