EarthWorks camp is for the children who want to get hands-on when it comes to science. For one week, students become wildlife biologists in our 35,000 sq. foot laboratory and study different forms of wildlife and habitats. Children who love to study mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, invertebrates and amphibians LOVE EarthWorks summer camp. They get a full week of evaluating each animal in all of our five Midwestern habitats. They learn about each animal, as well as what they need to survive. As children study the animals they realize the fragile nature of wildlife and the importance of leaving wild things as they find them. EarthWorks camp also teaches the importance of caring for the earth, recycling and the importance of conservation throughout the five-day camp. At the end of the week, parents are invited to and end-of-camp Scientist Showcase to display their animal presentations.

EarthWorks Camp Details

EarthWorks Camp is designed for students between 8-12 years old (or children in grades 3rd-6th). It’s an extension of the one-day EarthWorks program designed for school classrooms.

Three EarthWorks Camps are available in 2013:  June 10-13, June 17-20, and  June 24-27 from 9am – 3pm every day (M-Th).

Cost is $175 per camper.

Skills learned at EarthWorks Camp

EarthWorks summer camp fosters a love of nature, animals and the environment. During summer camp, students will:

  • Gain knowledge about wildlife and animal behavior
  • Increase scientific knowledge and skills through experiential inquiry
  • Use a multi-disciplinary approach to learning that incorporates science, math and communication arts
  • Practice problem-solving and communication arts

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