EarthWorks loves to work with teachers – and especially those looking for creative and innovative ways to teach 3rd – 5th graders science! Teachers are the facilitators of our program and lay the groundwork for what students will learn on their field trips to EarthWorks. Teachers who adopt our experiential learning philosophy and hands-on curriculum will prepare students before their visit and have an opportunity to provide “lessons that stick” even after they’ve visited our real-life laboratory.

EarthWorks Staff

The staff members at EarthWorks are certified teachers with classroom experience. With a passion for environmental science, each staff member will carefully guide your students through the habitats while facilitating on-site simulation that involves hands-on learning, collaboration and nurturing of problem solving skills.

EarthWorks Lesson Plans

We offer flexible classroom curriculum that strengthens student background knowledge of environmental science. Our program brings science to life for students. We explore life cycles of five natural habitats. Activities and assessments enhance student performance in the areas of:

  • Math
  • Science
  • Communication arts

Alignment with national standards

Or curriculum aligns with Missouri and Kansas State Standards. We offer quality lessons using research-based instructional strategies, activities and assessments that enhance student performance. We also offer annual curriculum upgrades and enhancements.

Click here for EarthWorks Kansas Standard Alignment
Click here for EarthWorks Missouri Standard Alignment

EarthWorks Curriculum Package

EarthWorks offers educators a curriculum package. If your class will be attending EarthWorks, we offer each teacher a 6-week course leading up to your class visit and several helpful resources to help you prepare and make the most out of your EarthWorks experience.

The EarthWorks online curriculum guide includes:

  • 9 preparatory units integrating communication arts, math and science
  • Units on habitats, food chains and environmental cycles
  • Follow up units on applying science concepts through hands-on team activities
  • Student reflection and interdisciplinary projects

Click here for EarthWorks Curriculum Guide

EarthWorks curriculum package includes:

  • Online curriculum guide
  • A one day authentic, on-site student simulation
  • Student materials including EarthWorks student log books for each student to complete,  lesson activities and personal reflections
  • 3-hour teacher training and professional development to ensure and assist teachers in understanding and implementing EarthWorks curriculum
  • 2-hour orientation session for volunteers who assist students in the on-site experience
  • Unlimited customer service and curriculum support from our certified staff teachers