Do you love going to the Zoo and looking at all of the animals or stomping through your backyard looking for fossils and rocks? EarthWorks is a place where you can spend a whole day looking at all of the things about nature that you love! Whether you love plants, snakes, birds, mammals, looking through a microscope or digging through soil, there’s something at EarthWorks just for you.
Student Scientists
At EarthWorks, we talk about the Earth and out planet. We talk about things like recycling and conservation (there’s a reason Mom & Dad tell you to turn your lights off all of the time!) You get to be up close and personal with animals and solve problems in a real life ecosystem!

If you’ve ever dreamed about becoming a scientist, you have to visit EarthWorks. You’ll have the earth at your fingertips and figure out how you can play a role in helping make the earth keep working!