Teachers play a crucial role as Exchange City program facilitators. Not only do we partner with educators to provide a memorable, long-lasting field trip experience for middle school students – we also provide you with the tools you need to make it a success.
Exchange City hinges on the experiential learning philosophy. We encourage teachers who want students to get the maximum experience to adopt our philosophy and hands-on classroom curriculum. We feel this effectively teaches and prepares students for their experience once they arrive at Exchange City.

Exchange City Teacher Resources

We provide educators with the following resources to help you prepare for your day at Exchange City and know how to reinforce the lessons once the day is over.

Classroom curriculum from Exchange City

We will provide you with classroom curriculum that strengthens your students’ background knowledge in skills taught at Exchange City. This will give students a foundation for new skills to be formed through the creative format of open-ended questioning and problem solving. We also provide annual curriculum upgrades and enhancements.

Exchange City meets state and national standards

We provide teachers with high-quality lessons that use research-based instructional strategies, activities and assessments that enhance student performance in the areas of math, social studies, and communication arts. The content we provide aligns with state and national standards.

Parents involvement at Exchange City

Parents LOVE Exchange City – almost as much as their kids do! Exchange City provides a great opportunity for parents to be involved in a meaningful academic experience with their children.