What if kids ran the town? Would there be pizza for dinner every night? Or free movies and popcorn for all citizens? While some may guess what would happen – Exchange City actually lets it come to life!
Exchange City lets YOU – A KID – make the decisions! You can be the major, the judge, the postmaster, the banker – whatever job you decide. And YOU get to call the shots! You’ll get to sort out how to run a business and make a paycheck. And then you’ll decide how you want to spend your money!

Jobs at Exchange City

Student CitizensWe have all kinds of jobs that are fun! We have jobs that deal with money like the financial advisor at Arvest Asset Management and Arvest Bank of Exchange City, jobs in entertainment like the Disc Jockey at ECLX radio station, and even the cook at the Café. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to have a grown up job, Exchange City is one day where you get to test it out!
Employees at Exchange City take out business loans from the bank. They learn how to create marketing products to drive sales and how to bring in more business.

Spending Money and Making Money at Exchange City

Exchange City isn’t just a city where you work – it’s a city where you play, too! You will make money as you work in your jobs around the town, and then you’ll get to spend your paycheck on REAL items. You can actually take home things you buy at Exchange City. You’ll be in charge of figuring out how much you can afford based on how much money you earned, just like adults do in real life.

Learning to be a Citizen at Exchange City

At Exchange City, you work a job as a citizen of the town. It’s a real-life setup with real businesses that you run for one day. Part of living and working in Exchange City means you’re a citizen and being a citizen means that you pay taxes and bills. You’ll have to follow the laws set by the mayor.
At Exchange City, you are a citizen and contributing member of your very own city!