Homeschool Days Scheduled at Exchange City and EarthWorks

Homeschool Days Scheduled at Exchange City and EarthWorks

Teach and Learn Experientially accommodates all types of groups including homeschooled students.  This is a great way to meet other groups around the Kansas City area and learn from each other! Exchange City will have a homeschool day Friday, March 15, and EarthWorks will be welcoming homeschool students Friday, May 10th.  This is an exciting opportunity for your kids to experience hands on learning in a fun new environment.

Once enrolled, you will receive our six-week curriculum to help you get ready for your day here.  Our programs run from 9:30-2:30 and with a 30-minute break for lunch.  We encourage educators and parents to come and enjoy the day with us; we cannot run without the help of our volunteers!

A day at EarthWorks is very exciting! We start off with a morning welcome chat and discuss everything we have done to prepare for EarthWorks.  Then we go and explore our home habitats with our habitat managers. Next, it is time for experiments related to our scientific jobs.  During our scientists’ meetings we discuss what we have found with the rest of the scientists.  After lunch we have an expedition where we go and learn about all of the other habitats.  We also learn about our animals’ food chain and the effects of natural disasters and discuss it at our final scientists’ meeting.

Exchange City offers a very busy day as we learn everything it takes to start and keep a business running.  At the beginning of the day we have to get our loans approved by Arvest Bank and then go to Public Works to get a business license.  We must get ready for the city to open with a speech from our Mayor and Judge.  After the ribbon cutting, the city is open for business! Student citizens must learn what they need to do to get more business, sometimes it means making more products and sometimes it is learning the best way to advertise. By the end of the day we learn why our parents are so tired after work!

Exchange City and EarthWorks are fun and exciting for any group! For more information or to enroll visit the educators section of our website or email Kelly Theunissen at [email protected]! The homeschool date for EarthWorks is May 10th and Exchange City is March 15th.

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