Summer CuriosityCamps Scheduled at EarthWorks and Exchange City

Summer CuriosityCamps Scheduled at EarthWorks and Exchange City

Summer is a great time for your kids to have fun and relax, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be learning! TLE offers week-long camps for all students to come and experience EarthWorks and Exchange City in a new way! The students get to dig deeper into the activities, and they can learn from each other to create new life-long memories.

During their time at EarthWorks Curiosity Camp, students become wildlife biologists and learn extensively about each of our five habitats; Soil, Pond, Forest, Cave and Prairie.  Over the course of the week the children will choose an animal and research while applying their knowledge of the animal to do a presentation for the rest of the scientists at camp.

Exchange City camp is an exciting opportunity for the students to really make the city theirs! They spend 4 days in the city making all of the decisions of what they want their experience to be like.  They will learn all about what makes a city, the importance of entrepreneurship and natural consequences to the decisions they make.  At the end of the week they will look back and reflect on how well the city ran.  The hope is to have each business pay off their business loan to have a successful city.  It is always an exciting time to see the citizens succeed.

Curiosity Camps 2013


  • June 10th-13th 
  • June 17th-20th
  • June 24th-27th

Exchange City

  • July 8th-11th

Daytrips for Special Groups

  • July 15th– August 9th

Each camp is $175 for the week but there is financial assistance for those who qualify.  For more information check out the CuriosityCamp tab on our website.

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